Healthcare.Gov Website Strong, Stable, & Enrollment Climbing!

The news is really getting increasingly better about the website!

This is the official website for the enrollment for Obamacare. There are no more website glitches in the Health Exchange Market Place that CANNOT be fixed. Since President Obama re-launched the website Tuesday, more than 600,000 visitors have been on the site. More and more persons have been able to shop and purchase affordable health insurance. Affordable healthcare is different for each person. For example, there are options to purchase a combination of dental coverage along with health insurance that has mental healthcare services, as well simply healthcare. Consumers purchase what he or she will need for self and families. A healthy America means a stronger and healthier economy, but every uninsured person must enroll and purchase health insurance from either the federal health insurance market or a state health insurance market such as the MD Health Connection! The only persons who are exempt are recipients of Medicare and state programs such as Medicaid.

Obamacare has finally put an end to being denied health insurance due to a previous condition as well.

In just the last two days, over 650,000 persons have visited the website. has been able to support that type of traffic and people are purchasing affordable healthcare for themselves and their families! The website may have a few technical issues as more and more persons hear the word; however, those technical issues can and will be fixed immediately no matter what it takes. The really important message today is that we want to encourage all uninsured young adults to enroll and apply for health insurance. Young adults may have viewed the Obamacare as a “mom” or “dad” concern and not theirs. However, every uninsured person must become insured from security guards to DJ’s to store clerks and to gas station attendants. College students and Vocational students, too! This is because it is the law now and even more important is that the Healthcare is designed to work successfully with the full participation of young adults. Young adults are essential because they will be entering the job market for long-term employment as seniors age out of the work force. The youth coming up behind them will one day be entering into the market. This cycle is designed so that America experiences the utmost sustainability for all Americans through affordable healthcare.

Mom and Dad can highlight these facts to young adults in their lives who may still be reluctant to enroll and purchase healthcare:

•Explain to them how expensive coverage is for persons in their age group using your experience, wisdoms;
•Explain to your child how investing in good health is investing into his/her career choice (fewer sicknesses, missing time from work);
•Explain to your child how premature deaths or sudden illnesses can be decreased when persons have affordable healthcare;
•Emphasize that he/she will also have the benefit of not being excluded from obtaining health insurance due to any pre-existing conditions (i.e., childhood asthma, sports injuries, diseases, mental illnesses, etc.).

The deadline for enrollment in the federal healthcare exchange is December 23, 2013. This will enable those who completed an application to begin receiving health coverage on January 1, 2013. It is imperative to remember that the healthcare enrollment process is NOT completed until the monthly premium is received by the healthcare provider.

Here are some tips to share with uninsured persons and especially the young adult in your life so they can enjoy the full benefits of having adequate and affordable health coverage:

2.See the Healthcare Plans before you buy (click blue button on left);
3.Calculate/Write down affordable options;
4.Compare Shop for lower plans (click blue button on right);
5.Log In; and Apply Affordable healthcare (yellow button)
6.Make a PAYMENT to the provider you selected to complete the application process;
7.You do not have health insurance coverage until your payment is received. Health insurance coverage begins January 1, 2014. While you await healthcare identification cards, etc., contact your provider and verify your Application and payment have been received.
8.When I first enrolled in a Prescription Drug Plan, the provider did not have all the applications processed by January 1st when the Plan first began. However, when I called to learn why I did not receive my prescription card, I was given a Code to give to the pharmacist. When the pharmacist entered the code into the computer, proof of coverage was already in the system and I was then able to purchase my medications at a discount. The Code was available for use in less than an hour. Smile!

Obamacare is a major and positive healthcare insurance market. While we encourage young adults especially to be proactive in enrolling in the Healthcare Exchange, we must spread the word and remember what President Obama stated in his update on the status of the website on Tuesday. While there may be technical issues down the road, whatever they are, they will be fixed. So, let’s help get uninsured Americans insured including maybe our own young adults in our family, circles, church, community. Will you help spread the word?

agnes (LOP1936)


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