Essential health benefits are the only ways to maintain good health and have access to healthcare and mental healthcare services.

Obamacare will provide that and the latest reports on Healthcare.gov continue to improve with enrollment as uninsured persons APPLY, SHOP, and BUY affordable health insurance for self and families.

It is just as important at the state level to get enrollment up and uninsured persons covered. These state programs have deadlines just like the federal Obamacare programs. I want to share that when I first was diagnosed with a mental illness, I did not have insurance. In short, as my application for coverage was being processed for disability health insurance, I was ‘bumped’ around to several different hospitals. Each experience leaves a lasting effect and contributes to delaying mental wellness. That was about 20 years ago. The absence of health insurance interrupts being able to be strong and mentally healthy. This prevents people from not only having a quality of life and fulfilling their purpose in life, but it adversely affects the economy. The talents and gifts we have builds and sustains America, states, and cities. The bottom line is that the tax dollars we also contribute is vital to the national, state, and city’s economy.

Tis the season to be jolly should include making sure you and your family are covered with health insurance FIRST. You can enroll in your state program such as Maryland Health Connection or apply for Medicaid which has expanded healthcare benefits. This is particularly possible for those eligible persons who are poor. Poverty causes the pride of a person to hurt especially during this season and he/she may choose to buy gifts for children, etc. and not purchase health insurance. It is also the peak season for Depression. Sadness. Grieving. Faced with harsh times with food prices high, utilities going up, etc. and when people are not used to having health insurance (uninsured young adults), it will be at the bottom of the list of things to do. Together we can help them put health insurance investment at the top of their list. We trust that the technical difficulties will indeed continue to be removed at the state levels, too, so if you have time TODAY – GET COVERED!

How is enrollment in your state progressing? Do you have family members who are still not covered? Are you teaching your children the true meaning of Christmas?

Prevent mental illness and do your mind good!


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