California high school to be tested for TB

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YOU and the students are the future leaders who will keep this American economy thriving beyond the Recession by contributing to Obamacare. Stay healthy and be all you can be with health insurance essential benefits. Keep a community healthcare faccitlity accessible to students present and future. Do you know mental healthcare benefits are essential and included with healthcare now? Do you know that you will not have to worry about a pre-existing condition from TB? GET COVERED:!

This Just In

All 1,800 students and staff at a southern California high school will be screened for tuberculosis Friday after 45 students tested positive for possible exposure, authorities said.

The Riverside County Department of Public Health and state officials have determined there is a possibility of exposure to other Indio High School students, though “the risk of transmission appears to be moderately low,” according to a letter to parents on the school’s website.

Students will have to return to school in Indio, California, on Monday to have the test results evaluated, the letter says. Without verification of a current TB testing and results, students won’t be allowed to return to school after the holiday break, on January 6, the school said.

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