At Home in Ecuador: Affordable Housing at it’s Finest


Kathryn M. McCullough

It may sound strange, if you live in North America or most parts of Europe–

But our house here in Ecuador has no number, and out street has no name.

Still, it’s no U2 song we’re living.

Rather, we’ve settled in a house we love, a place that’s begun to feel like home, one where we’re reaping the rewards of no residential postal service and, therefore, no junk mail to clutter our counters, to litter our tables, desks, and drawers.

Even better, it’s in this house our Cuenca adventure is being written.

It’s here we’re being rooted, from here we’re telling a new story.  It’s this space that grounds us in the present, gives us past places to remember and future spaces to anticipate.

Sara and I have shared a number of homes—houses in four countries, three continents and one earthquake-ravaged island in a dark corner of the Caribbean, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

So when we decided to…

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