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Let’s Move! — First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to end childhood obesity within a generation — just turned 4.

We’re celebrating all week, and we want you to join us.

The First Lady wants you to share how you’re moving by using the hashtag #LetsMove on social media to share a photo of your favorite activity or healthy snack. If enough people get involved, President Obama and Vice President Biden will share how they get moving, too.  Watch the video


Then Spread the word and get involved!




     The following is a repost blog to encourage everyone to stay ignited to vote [in future elections] even if you have a mental illness and to keep living in your community to achieve mental health recovery and fulfill your Dreams!  We will unite to DEFEAT Murphy Bill H.R. 3717 or anything that evens resembles it and make this country stronger with our contributions. 

This blog is from the election day of President Obama in 2008….. stay encouraged!

With the tremendous progress he has made, we should be burning up  the voting booths  in November!  amen, Amen?  AMEN!



At 6:45 a.m. I left my home to travel about six blocks to the voting polls. I had taken my medications and I was feeling very excited about voting. My mind was calm and I was thinking over the day’s schedule.  At about 7:00 a.m. I turned into the block of the voting polls and noticed the cars immediately. Then I remembered school was closed in my district so many parents were probably home with their kids.  Another block closer to the voting poll place, I quickly took my eyes off the road and turned up the dial of the radio. The song playing was, “Halleluia, He’s the Great Jehova.” (I love that song). I looked back up and it took about a split second to hit me. Beyond my windshield was a sea of people standing on line and wrapping around the polling place. Instantly, my mouth dropped open and tears began flowing. “Oh, my God!”  As I creeped along, people were walking from their cars to stand on line to vote. Some cars were blasting music and the people were just emotional and showing neighborly love. It was a moment I had never experienced before and those feelings will probably never surface like that again.


I continued to creep through a maze of people and cars as I had no idea so many people lived in my community (’cause I’m always on the pc…teehee).  By the time I found a parking place, I was a bubbling mess and I walked about another six blocks back to the polling place to get on line. The line had grew even longer. I began standing on line and chatting with folks and laughing and talking and nobody was worried. Nobody was worried. Everybody was patient with the process of standing and elated to be voting in such a historic time. Oh, the stories that were shared…and one person’s declaration, “Pancakes at my house, y’all!” Aaah, it was going to be good day.


An hour into the wait, it hit me that I had a doctor’s appointment in another hour. Quickly, I decided…whatever, I’m not budging.  Another hour into the wait, I reached the building of the voting booths. It was welcoming to feel the heat escaping. Smile. Fifteen minutes later, I was inside the building and much to my surprise, the line was wrapping around the red-bricked interior deceitfully. Smile. A half hour later, I was checked in by the pollster and about seven minutes later, I was voting!  Obama/Biden, No for slots, Yes for various expansions to the roadways, parks, etc., yes, those three judges should stay in office, and then those magical words that would carve out history for us all, “CAST YOUR VOTE.” Click!:)  Then I raced back to my car and worked my way to the doctor’s office. I did not care if I had to reschedule because I was on a different mission.


I wanted more than anything to closely observe my fellow citizens with various mental health issues. What I noticed was remarkable.  YES, indeed, everyone waiting to be seen knew the significance of the election. They knew the issues and promises of Obama! They knew he was black! They knew America must change! There were countless complaints about costly medications and housing. Some had voted already and others were on their way to vote after their appointments. Some were taking cabs to voting places, some had rides with family or friends. A few were traveling by bus. 


In between discussions about politics, there were stories such as one woman’s cat who had delivered 4 kittens in the midnight hour. Hilariously, she talked about getting her prescription for refills because she knew she was manic and she also knew she was evicting the cat in two “dang” weeks whether the “little kitties were still ‘suckling’ or not!”


Then another revealed her anger over purchasing food with cash because her “Food Stamp” card was not enough.  There was a patient having family issues with an offspring and crying over the details. A nearby gentleman began praying for her aloud.  Another individual spread out his breakfast on the table in the waiting room while two other individuals fussed about it.


In between that, Psychiatrists walked back and forth with medical files and the receptionist appeared periodically to call an individual to be seen.   Eventually, my doctor walked out and noticed me and asked, “What are you doing here? Where’s your notebook?” We laughed and I responded asking him to please see me because I did not want to reschedule.


“Sure. Why not? Are you checked in?” (Whew)  


After seeing the doctor, I walked out into the waiting area and many of the people were gone. There were some folks still engaged in political discussions and the man praying was now on his knees. Of course, I wanted to ask, “Who or what are you praying for now since the lady with the family issue was gone?” (Could it be for us?) I did not, however, I walked through the glass doors and onto the street. I inhaled deeply and thought to myself, “Thank you, God, for the sanity to be a part of that day and my “extended” family. Amen? Amen!”  

Ps. 100 KJV/NIV


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